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Are you organizing a multilingual event with interpreting?
Here is a checklist to help you plan a successful meeting.

Book interpreters early - to ensure high quality interpreting. Carry out sound and equipment checks - well before the start of the meeting to avoid any unpleasant surprises! Interpreters need excellent sound quality in order to perform well. Make sure there are no background noises and interferences.
Book sound equipment - Make sure you book a professional simultaneous interpreting equipment provider for your meeting, as sound quality is absolutely crucial for a successful meeting. The positioning of the soundproof booths and equipment is also crucial as interpreters need to be able not only to hear but also to see the speakers and the presentations if visual aids are used. Make sure there is water in the booths - interpreters are heavy water drinkers when working!
Prepare detailed agenda - including the necessary breaks for rest. Bear in mind that sessions lasting more than 4 hours are counter-productive and a 90 minute break should follow any 4 hour session. Send your agenda to the interpreters. Provide all documentation - which has not been already provided in advance.
  Tips for Speakers - Remind your speakers that their message will come across fully if they speak freely and at a reasonable pace rather than read a text. If they intend to be reading a speech, make sure the interpreters have a copy of it.
Provide background material - the agenda for the meeting or conference, any speeches, power-point presentations, technical documents, minutes of previous meetings etc. should be sent to the interpreters in advance to allow them to familiarize themselves with the topic and prepare adequately. Interpreters need time to read and prepare speeches which are not only drafted with great care and attention to detail, but are often read at speed. Interpretation can only be of high quality if speeches are prepared beforehand.

Interpreters will treat all documents as confidential.
Talk to your consultant interpreter - if you are not happy with the any aspect of the interpreting. S/he will try to find a solution to your problem. Bear in mind that bad working conditions such as poor sound quality or wrongly located booths and fast readers can become a nightmare for even the top interpreters.

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